New Tesla Factory Coming to Austin

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Austin’s growth outlook is still strong as another new plant has their sites on Austin, Texas. Recently, Musk has been talking about moving Tesla’s California operations to Nevada and/or Texas due to the automaker’s difficulties working with the local government to reopen the Fremont factory, where it currently produces most of its vehicles.

Austin already has some ties with Tesla. Tesla started building a team of chip engineers for its Autopilot hardware 3.0, it hired several engineers from AMD’s corporate offices in Austin and Tesla decided to open an office there for its Autopilot hardware engineers.

Sources from Eletrek, close to the Tesla CEO have confirmed Texas is going to be the new headquarters. Engineers have already been tasked with building what will be called the Terafactory. While the exact location has not been set, Musk wants to move fast. He plans to have the new Cybertruck Electric Pickup built at this new factory by next year.


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